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Artist Statement

The creation of a painting or drawing is a meditation allowing me to stay in a timeless moment. When I am working, I find myself apart from the distraction of the past and the uncertainty of the future. It is an island of silence; an oasis that allows me to contemplate a world apart from my everyday reality. The sensory overload that is all too common is replaced with a calmness that allows me to see more holistically; to become energized and spiritually renewed. Hopefully, my finished work allows the observer to be witness to the process and in that moment of observation to share the experience of inner peace.

I live in a maritime environment and my inspiration is taken from that experience. My work is  grounded in contemporary realism;  however, my current interest also incorporates some of the principles of the aesthetic movement.  I am working on a series of "Nocturnes"  where  the subtle  light of  dusk or night  is  capable  of 

creating a veil that transforms the ordinary into something more universal. There is a sense of mystery as the commonplace becomes more poetic. The compositions are very simple, the colors are reduced to complimentary harmonies and the paint is used in thin translucent layers.

The unique properties of egg tempera make it the perfect medium for me to explore the language of form and to express my emotions in that language. It is a medium grounded in the craftsmanship of painting. It is possible to layer an infinite number of glazes into a "weaving" that has a distinctive luminosity. Also, it is possible to create very intricate textures and the linear properties of the medium allow me to create the exacting detail that is characteristic of my work. The methodical cross-hatched brush strokes become part of the meditative process. They are also  part of the archaeology of the work that allows the viewer to enter into that process. Egg tempera slows me down and allows me to go beyond the impressions of the painting and into the "bones" of the subject.

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